My work at Radius Realty

My work-story at Radius Realty

Within a week of leaving Red Brick, and still a licensed Realtor for Red Brick Realty, I discovered Radius Realty through a friend who said it was great energy. Two brokers had just started it and there was all the excitement of “first” everything – I loved it!

I quickly took over production of all marketing, including social media, real estate photography, 3-D virtual reality tours, brochures, and website content. 

Being naturally talented at quickly picking up new software and improving processes, I helped my coworkers to use the many features of Appfolio to better do their jobs, and I created and communicated new inter-departmental processes for maintenance and make-readies (constant challenges). 

I ultimately worked my way up to office manager, supervising the receptionist and leasing agents. I coordinated between property owners, the maintenance team, and accounting to resolve high level tenant and maintenance issues that came up. I also created programmatic (“if-this-then-that”) forms to efficiently import large amounts of unique property and tenant data to Appfolio and our accounting system when new property management accounts were onboarded.

Unfortunately before the year was ended, one of the partners bought the other out, and my position was eliminated as part of the reorganization. 

Accomplishments while working at Radius Realty

  • Solely responsible for all marketing content, social media and web strategy. Created and implemented a content calendar.
  • Supervised staff to ensure consistent brand, tone, and posting schedule.
  • Office manager with three direct reports, also acting as project manager to communicate and coordinate between the leasing managers, maintenance department, and property owners.
  • Worked directly with property owners and the local team to resolve all tenant, maintenance and finances issues.
  • Overhauled leasing division processes to improve productivity and reporting within the property management software.
  • Responsible for production of all 3-D, virtual reality home tours, photos, and videos.
  • Created programmatic forms to efficiently import property and tenant data when onboarding new property management accounts. 

Below is what I consider some of my best work at Radius Realty. Unfortunately, I’ve lost much of what I created. You can see my full body of work on Radius Realty’s social media posts between April 2018 and December 2018.

3D home tour video walkthrough. This is a video combining stills and a 3D walkthrough using Matterport that I created.