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Crafting Digital Success with a Personal Touch

Welcome to My Corner of the Digital World!

Hi there! I’m Jessica, passionate digital marketing strategist dedicated to helping businesses grow and thrive online. With over a decade of experience, I specialize in SEO, content marketing, WordPress, and e-commerce strategies tailored to your unique needs.

Outside of work, I’m known for my three charismatic cockatoos. Boo, my Goffin’s Cockatoo, has been my companion since May 2000. Misha, a Moluccan Cockatoo, joined me in 2015, and Sara, an Umbrella Cockatoo, came into my life unexpectedly in July 2023. These beautiful birds, who can live 50-80 years in captivity, are a significant part of my life, and I am 100% committed to their care.

I’m currently employed full time as a Marketing and Communications manager at the nonprofit VentureLab, but available after business hours for side-projects that interest me.

Certifications & Continued Education:

Jessica Murray successfully completed the Ecommerce SEO course!
Jessica Murray successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!
Jessica Murray successfully completed the Keyword research course!
Jessica Murray successfully completed the All-around SEO course!
Jessica Murray successfully completed the Technical SEO course!

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How I help craftspeople

How I help craftspeople

I love creating websites for craftspeople and helping them with their online sales and personal brands. One of the biggest challenges these clients face is consistency in updating blogs and social media. To help, I offer advice on using platforms like Etsy and Facebook to build their brand and reach their target audience effectively. It’s all about strategic decisions and balancing time, money, and effort to achieve the best results.

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