My work at Red Brick Management

My work-story at Red Brick Management

Working as a marketing assistant and Pete Rothschild’s executive assistant at Red Brick Management was a completely different experience compared to freelancing and working at a media company. During this time, I was emerging from a personal and professional rut. It was challenging to let go of my vintage business and accept that my WordPress website design and digital marketing services (as KMurrayCreative) were not generating consistent income, despite my best efforts and many lessons learned.

In my first month, I identified inefficiencies in how the Google Adwords budget was being spent and recommended simple changes to create more targeted and cost-effective paid ads.

My responsibilities included creating marketing materials for commercial properties at all stages: photography, video production, advertisement writing, print design, and social media posts. I also developed a master Excel database for commercial property information and tracking, which originated from my project to track expiring liquor licenses.

I left Red Brick Management when Mr. Rothschild decided to semi-retire, as there was no full-time marketing position available.

Accomplishments while working at Red Brick Management

  • Staff Photographer and Digital Content Developer: Served as the primary photographer and developer of digital content, capturing high-quality images and creating engaging multimedia materials for commercial properties.
  • Online Content Creation and Advertisement Optimization: Created and maintained optimized online advertisements for commercial properties, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Print and Digital Design: Designed a variety of print and digital flyers to promote commercial properties, effectively reaching targeted audiences.
  • Property Tracking System Development: Developed a comprehensive system to track vacant properties, associated marketing assets, and building maintenance statuses, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Facilitated Communication: Acted as a key communicator regarding project developments and issues, ensuring smooth interactions within the organization and with clients, business partners, and vendors.
  • Liquor and Liability Insurance Tracking System: Developed an Excel-based system to maintain current certificates of liquor and liability insurance for all managed restaurants and bars. This system was later expanded into a comprehensive database for tracking maintenance and availability/status of properties.

Below is what I consider some of my best work at Red Brick Management. Red Brick Management is now RBM Partners. Unfortunately, I’ve lost much of what I created, and it is no longer posted online.   

A video walkthrough of the old Herbie’s Vintage ’72 at 405 N. Euclid, shortly before it closed in 2016. I considered this an imperfect draft, but it was used to market the space. The building is now UpDown Arcade Bar and has undergone extensive modifications and renovations.