I am thrilled to share my latest creation, an AI-generated video titled “Inside a Steampunk Parrot.” This project has been a labor of love, with around 50 drafts before achieving the settings and prompts I was satisfied with. You can watch the final version on YouTube.

The Making of an AI text to video: “Inside a Steampunk Parrot”

Creating this video was an intricate process involving multiple tools and platforms. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it all came together:

  1. AI Generation: The visuals were crafted using the Deforum extension of Automatic1111 Stable Diffusion. This tool allowed me to explore various styles and settings to create the unique steampunk aesthetic of the parrot.
  2. Music Composition: The accompanying music was generated using Soundful. The AI-driven platform enabled me to produce a soundtrack that perfectly complements the visuals.
  3. Video Editing: The final edits were made in Filmora, where I fine-tuned the transitions, added effects, and ensured the overall flow of the video was seamless.

Inspiration and Potential of AI

The inspiration for this project came from a fantastic tutorial by Callahan Inodova, which you can check out here. Callahan’s insights and techniques opened up new possibilities for me, and I’m incredibly grateful for the guidance.

The potential of AI to make dreams of all kinds accessible and enable higher levels of mastery is truly exciting. Through projects like this, I hope to showcase how AI can be a powerful tool for creativity, pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve.