Recently, I decided to see if a small modification to a previously #4 ranking article could improve its position for the keyword “what is ESTEAM”. To my delight, it worked quickly! VentureLab is now ranking #1 for this relevant phrase and holds the featured snippet. Check out the high-ranking article about ESTEAM and STEM Education that I wrote as part of our content pillar strategy.

Inspired by this success, I also examined Google Image Search results for the same phrase. The alt-image tagging I’ve been diligently applying to older articles has made a significant impact – we’re “above the fold” for four images, including holding the #1 and #3 spots.

Key SEO Insights

This experience underscores the power of strategic SEO practices, including:

  • Content Updates: Regularly updating and optimizing content can significantly boost search rankings.
  • Alt-Image Tagging: Properly tagging images can enhance visibility in Google Image Search, driving more traffic.
  • Keyword Strategy: Targeting relevant keywords and making small adjustments can yield significant improvements.

Visual Data:

Google search results page for "what is esteam" showing the definition and related questions. The first result, optimized by a St. Louis SEO professional, explains ESTEAM as standing for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.
VentureLab ranking #1 for “what is ESTEAM” with the featured snippet.
A Google search results page for "what is esteam," Red arrows point to several images, highlighting the search effectiveness of a St. Louis SEO professional’s touch.
Top positions in Google Image Search for “what is ESTEAM”.