Hi, I’m Jessica K. Murray!

This site is a work in progress and attempts to showcase some of my best writing, photography, web-videos, and web-content productions from over the past 20 years or so (much of the early stuff was lost, so thank goodness for finding my past creations on Archive.org).

My true passion is communicating and knowing that it’s been received, through whatever measurable medium. There is nothing like the zing of seeing a YouTube video go viral, or the excitement of beating out a competitor on a search engine keyword.

As a small business marketer and creator, my approach is first to understand or build the strategic plan (and assemble the organizational/process structure if necessary) and then execute and modify upon that. I believe that time and money are too precious to blindly forge ahead, and that the best gut feelings are backed up with data.

I’m currently employed full time but available after business hours for side-projects that interest me.

I have been the lifelong companion to Boo my goffins cockatoo since May 2000.

Check out a few of my passion projects:

VintageReveries.com – My original vintage fashion and history blog with ecommerce (I still have over 1000 pieces of vintage clothing to sell since officially going out of business in 2016).

TheBirdyBabe on Instagram — Join over 17k followers who agree that my two cockatoos are cute and interesting.

StLouisCovidMemorial.com – My attempt at a memorial to lives lost in St. Louis MO due to COVID-19. I updated it regularly, mostly with deaths I found by pouring over obituary websites and public information, between June 2020 and February 2021. I stopped, for now, because it was too depressing and I needed to focus on other things.