My work freelancing as KMurrayCreative

My work-story freelancing digital marketing and WordPress website design services as KMurrayCreative

I started providing digital marketing and WordPress website design services full time as KMurrayCreative in 2011 after phasing Reflex Media Solutions from full time employer into an arrangement as a part time/freelance client. I was going publicly as my middle name “Kay”, which fit the personal brand I was trying to sell (I will write a blog entry about this).  

I was also doing general photography, and selling vintage clothing during this time. I assisted many of my colleagues with developing their vintage and antique seller brands. The range of small business and start-up services I helped with included: creating and setting up newsletter content, social media content, and blog articles. 

I quickly realized the importance of organization, efficiency and strategizing content production towards business goals. With limited resources, many start-ups and solopreneurs are overwhelmed, and it was to my pleasure and occasional profit to be able to help them! During this phase of my career I realized my talent for helping create efficient workflows and prioritizing projects that will result in the most “bang for the buck”.

Between 2011 and 2013 I volunteered for the Carondelet Historical Society, taking photos of their historical clothing and scanning interesting old documents (like a 1943 Municipal Opera program) . Through blogging about vintage fashions and ephemera, I sharpened my SEO writing skills…. I was never at a loss about what to write about or post! 

After Reflex Media Solutions went out of business in 2015, I quickly got burned out of trying to constantly promote myself to replace that income, and decided to return to the “W2 world”. I could write a book about the mistakes I made and what I learned over 5 years of freelancing! 

 In early 2021 I restarted my VintageReveries in my time after work in order to sell my old stashed-away vintage inventory and to keep my ecommerce skills up to date (portfolio coming soon). 

Accomplishments as Website Design and Consulting at KMurrayCreative (self employed):

  • Managed all phases of website design projects from discovery to launch.
  • Developed a cost efficient project management and workflow process to facilitate flexibility for differing clients and website projects.
  • Increased leads and qualified visitors with a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.
  • Used Google Analytics and site metrics to define and monitor success of SEO and marketing campaigns.
  • Implemented social media strategy and execution, overseeing all social media channels to promote brand and increase conversions of visitors to leads.
  • Developed and implemented comprehensive content strategies involving social media posting, guest writers, newsletters, and blog posts.
  • Developed a system for product photography, description writing, and pricing strategy.
  • Developed and managed newsletters, coordinated with multiple points of contact, created content, selected imagery, scheduled and optimized distribution. Used metrics to optimize future newsletters.
  • Developed e-commerce stores using the Woocommerce plugin for WordPress. Executed all aspects of selling online including sourcing and buying products to resell, product photography, inventory management, pricing and product research, measuring, writing compelling descriptions, shipping, and customer service.
  • Organized and cross-posted inventory to eBay, Etsy, and other online marketplaces. 

Below is some of my best work from between 2011-2016. This is by no means complete.

Of all the website designs, only StarCrossedStitches, which I built in 2014 is still online (as of February 2022) as I built it.