At the beginning of 2024, I embarked on an ambitious social media experiment, posting daily cute bird videos across all their social channels for the first 90 days of the year. While the experiment proved ultimately unsustainable and I vacillate between being borderline burned out on social media (especially since I do it for work), the results prove a crucial point: consistency and engagement matter.

The Experiment: Daily Bird Videos

Drastic Increase in Engagement and Growth

The verdict is in: consistently posting daily bird videos drastically increased engagement and growth on every platform. While my fanbase expanded on TikTok, Pinterest (started the account around December 27, 2023), and Instagram, my primary growth focus was Facebook. My goal was to meet monetization qualifications, and although I’m not quite there yet due to a technicality, the growth has been significant.

Automation and Consistency

To streamline the process, I automated posting from YouTube to my other channels as an image post with a link to the clip on YouTube. I posted twice per day on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. The most challenging part was remaining consistent, so I set aside 8-10 pm every Sunday to prepare the week’s content. Although I barely edit the clips, it still takes time to describe them to AI and queue them up. There are a hundred things I’d rather be doing, and I’ve only made $29 on YouTube in the past three months.

My Tech Stack

My tech stack for this experiment was pretty simple but effective:

    • Nuelink for Social Scheduling and Automation: I lucked into special pricing last year, but even without the discount, this software is worth every penny. While reporting could be better, for simply posting and “getting it done,” Nuelink is amazing.

    • Magai for AI Writing Magic: I used the brand voice generator to create a consistent tone, created a custom persona set to output only in that brand voice, and saved my prompts to generate video and social captions. All I do is copy and paste over to Nuelink!

Key Takeaways

    1. Consistency is Key: Daily posting significantly boosts engagement and growth across all platforms.

    1. Automation Tools are Lifesavers: Using tools like Nuelink and Magai makes managing multiple social media channels more manageable.

    1. Time Management is Crucial: Setting aside specific times for content preparation helps maintain consistency.

    1. Financial Return is Slow: Despite increased engagement, the financial return from platforms like YouTube can be slow.


This experiment was a valuable learning experience, highlighting the power of consistency and the effectiveness of automation tools in managing social media. While it was unsustainable in the long run, the insights gained will inform my future social media strategies.

If you’re looking to boost your social media presence, consider implementing daily posting and leveraging automation tools. However, be mindful of the potential for burnout and ensure you have a manageable plan in place.

Thank you for following my journey! Feel free to reach out with any questions or share your experiences with social media growth.

More screenshots from this social media posting experiment: