Google Analytics Qualified – Finally!

Mar 15, 2022 | Certifications and CE

Becoming Google Analytics Certified/Qualified has been on my New Years Resolutions for at least ten years. I once took the pre-test on a whim and scored 89%. For years I procrastinated taking the time to complete all the online training courses, and take the tests. Being self taught to look up basic information in Google Analytics is not the same as confidently knowing where the data is and what it means. I wish I had taken the free Google Analytics Qualification courses long ago!

When my current manager asked me for four courses that I’d like to take on company time in 2022, Google Analytics was at the top of my list! Being able to take work time to do this training, and making it an “official” assignment, transformed it from the burden of being “just another thing” to take my attention in my “off work” time. As I took the courses towards this qualification, I was able to immediately apply them by presenting relevant ecommerce data to my management and colleagues. Because I took these courses, I was able to find and interpret the ecommerce metrics that proved the significant amount of ecommerce sales made after I implemented automated abandoned cart emails!

You can verify my Google Analytics Individual Qualification here.