On Friday April 1 I completed the Yoast Ecommerce SEO Course. I’m working in Magento 1 and 2 at my current job, and I was happy that this course content was applicable to all ecommerce platforms. It covered the basics, and much of it was review, but it was definitely worth my time.

The section on link building was especially relevant to my current projects, as was email marketing. I haven’t had much experience with deliberately seeking out backlinks for SEO, and I didn’t realize that some of what I’ve done that seems “common sense” was also good holistic backlink practice (such as submitting event to news websites, networking with other business owners, asking for a link when assisting a charitable donation, etc.).

I’m currently reviewing and rewriting categories and product descriptions for my current employer, and I will be rereading the product page optimization chapter and learning more about this. Again, much of this seems common sense to me, because bad descriptions are just boring and difficult for me to read.

Check out proof of my certificate of completion of this Ecommerce SEO Course here, and see the png screenshot below.

Yoast Ecommerce course certificate Jessica K. Murray St. Louis