My work at ACFEI

My work-story at The American College of Forensic Examiners, ACFEI (Management Executives)

In January 2007, I arrived back in Springfield Missouri after having lived on both coasts in the NYC and San Francisco metros.

I started freelance writing articles for ACFEI in January 2007, and by February 2008 was promoted to the role as Director of Online Education. 

At that time, I was taking graduate courses for technology education, and I was able to apply principles of Instructional Design and lesson planning to to attempt to improve and organize the continuing education department.

I left ACFEI in April 2009 to move to St. Louis for a relationship. 

I later discovered that ACFEI (and other professional membership associations then under “Management Executives”) was a scam (see this 2012 PBS Frontline expose and the Frontline episode “The Real CSI”), but I am very proud of my work during this time. 

Dr. O’Block, the founder of ACFEI, committed murder-suicide in August 2017 and his businesses shortly after closed. He was “honored” by the Washington Post with an obituary: “The Emperor of Junk Science Forensics Has Died“. There is a special place in hell for him. 

Accomplishments while at ACFEI

  • Improved course structures to adhere to standardized models of Instructional Design and to ensure that all online courses met continuing education criteria set by accrediting organizations.
  • Created a system for tracking online courses, from conceptualization to final publication and marketing.
  • Planned and led the production of text and video content for all online courses meeting tight deadlines, and formatting and publishing to a proprietary learning management system.
  • Coordinated with the IT department and coding team to improve the proprietary learning management system so that it applied instructional design principles within learning module templates.
  • Communicated with subject matter experts, senior management, graphic designers, and the coding team to manage the creation of new online continuing education courses.

I saved most of my writing that I did for ACFEI and can provide any of it upon request. My biggest project was the CFC (Certified Forensic Consultant) course with Dr. Marc Rabinoff, which I produced from beginning to completion. 

I shot the video below against a green screen in a quiet office with a cheap lavalier microphone on Mini-DV format in early 2008. I edited it in Final Cut Pro 6.0.