My work at Reflex Media Solutions

My work-story at Reflex Media Solutions

I moved to St. Louis in April 2009 because of a relationship, and quickly found work at Reflex Media Solutions in July of that year. My job title was Project Coordinator and Office Manager. 

I was encouraged to grow as a creative professional, so I taught myself WordPress website design, basic graphic design, and honed my social media skills. I learned a ton about professional photo and video production from being around such skilled and experienced creative colleagues, and from being allowed to use their equipment. 

When Reflex Media Solutions reorganized and moved their office from Brentwood to South Broadway in 2011, my work with them changed to contract/W-9. In this capacity, I assisted with events and ghost-wrote social media for their chemical company clients. In return for them letting me use their photography studio and store my vintage inventory in their warehouse, I helped with miscellaneous office upkeep. 

They went out of business in 2015. 

Accomplishments while working at Reflex Media Solutions

  • Coordinated and assisted with all phases of multimedia production, from strategic planning to post-production.
  • Managed subcontractors and communications to keep projects on track.
  • Created social media profiles, strategized and planned content and posting schedules for clients.
  • Communicated with clients throughout all phases of the project; acted as liaison with production staff.
  • Responsible for gathering and reporting billable hours and expenses.

Due to NDA agreements, I cannot share work product from my time working for Reflex Media Solutions. Both partners are happy to be contacted as references.