2022 WordPress Website Designs

WordPress website design work, in my off-hours

It flatters me that friends reach out to me and refer their friends for my help with creating WordPress designs for small businesses and personal brands. I burned out on freelancing in 2016, but have kept up my skills and knowledge about using and extending WordPress for small business use. I truly love building something that looks good and develops a brand; if I could accept payment in gratitude for working with small businesses I would.

Below is work that I’ve done, in my off-work hours, so far in 2022:

Mary Scott’s consultant site BusinessRiff.com Consultant website design

Mary Scott is no stranger to the St. Louis start-up scene! We’ve known eachother through Venture Cafe’s Thursday networking events since 2016, and over the years she’s given me valuable career advice and mentoring. When she asked me to create her new website and help her refresh her personal brand, I was both happy and honored to take on the challenge!

I created a unique home page to make the best first impression possible, with the ability to offer pdf downloads and list upcoming events. I also made training videos, with accompanying text, so that Mary can update every bit of content on her website independently.

I will be helping her further with expanding her site to include:

  • Newsletter signup forms (probably via Mailchimp)
  • CRM integration
  • Landing pages for events
  • Refining the blog layout once there is more content

Check out Mary’s start-up consultant rebrand, BusinessRiff.com

Website for a drone battery manufacturer, DroneNX.io

Drone battery maker website I was challenged by a mutual friend to create a website with five days notice, to be live in time for a big presentation. I created this one page, mobile friendly website in three days. It is built, like every site that I’ve ever designed, to be easily expanded and changed as the business grows and evolves.

DroneNX.io is a St. Louis based designer and manufacturer of powerful and specialized UAV batteries. They had some basic wording and content up on a Wix website, but it wasn’t giving the high-end impression that they needed.

Friday night was spent ironing out payment and scope terms, branding details, and content.

Saturday afternoon I got the first draft up on my development site, and got some quick feedback so made changes accordingly.

Sunday morning, we prepared to launch by changing over the nameservers to WordPress hosting (on Bluehost). While waiting for the DNS to transfer, I integrated and tested the contact form, which features an exportable cvs of entries so that no data is lost (and it could be imported into a CRM or email list software later).

Sunday night I transferred the website to the new host (making it live), and tested out the contact form and design.

Three day website design challenge successfully met and expectations exceeded!

Go visit DroneNX.io