My work at Spirtas Wrecking Company

My Experience at Spirtas Wrecking Company

I will always remember my time at Spirtas Wrecking Company as a period of certainty amidst the chaos of the early COVID-19 pandemic. While many companies were laying off employees or freezing hiring, I was fortunate to secure the role of Marketing Coordinator at Spirtas Wrecking Company in April 2020 through the Robert Half Agency.

Spirtas was in the process of modernizing under new management, and I stepped into the role previously held by an estimating assistant who had retired after 30 years. Recognizing the potential of Salesforce, I automated and digitized nearly every back-office process related to providing estimates for demolition projects. Within my first three months, I had overhauled the role, reducing the time needed for estimating administrative tasks by half. This allowed for more efficient tracking of customer and job data and the creation of detailed reports within minutes rather than hours.

As I gained a deeper understanding of the company and the industry, I expanded the marketing-communications plan. My final report, spanning over 50 pages, detailed processes and improvements, various marketing strategies with associated budgets, and a draft of a basic diversity and retention plan.

During my tenure, I created several print advertisements and managed the company’s digital and social media marketing efforts. I also spearheaded the company’s first email campaigns using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Mailchimp, converting thousands of contacts from raw Outlook data into organized email segments.

To further my professional development, I completed SalesForce Trailhead training and LinkedIn Learning courses. 

I left Spirtas Wrecking Company in July 2021 because I wanted to reconnect with my passions for ecommerce and B2C marketing.

Accomplishments while at Spirtas Wrecking Company:

  • Developed and Executed a Comprehensive Marketing-Communications Plan: Crafted and began implementing a detailed marketing-communications plan that included strategies for B2B sales funnels, account-based management, targeted search ads, SEO, content development, and email marketing. The plan also featured a basic diversity and retention component to foster an inclusive company culture.

  • Salesforce Implementation for Estimating Process: Revolutionized the estimating process by implementing Salesforce, automating reports and data points to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

  • Brand Awareness Strategy: Formulated and executed a brand awareness strategy involving targeted Google ads and SEO. Managed a four-figure monthly budget, delivering measurable results and regularly presenting progress towards key performance indicators (KPIs).

  • B2B Sales Funnel Optimization: Identified and refined the B2B prospecting sales funnel, enabling proactive and efficient discovery of bidding opportunities.

  • Marketing Campaign Execution: Planned and executed all print and digital marketing campaigns. Designed notable advertisements, including the 2021 St. Louis Cardinals Club Yearbook ad, various industry magazine ads, and several ads for Cherry Diamond (St. Louis Athletic Club).

  • Pioneered Email Campaigns: Launched the company’s first email campaigns using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Extracted and converted email addresses and contact information from raw Outlook data into organized segments, enabling targeted and effective email marketing.

Below is what I consider some of my best work at Spirtas Wrecking Company. You can see more of my work in everything that was published to their website and social media between February April 2020 and July 2021.