My work at GreenLeaf Market and ZOOMSTL

My Experience at GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store

My role as Marketing Director for GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store stands out as my favorite job ever. During my tenure, I fully utilized my skills in marketing, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. I cherished working with various community partners, from Explore St. Louis to grassroots organizations, and connecting with our regular customers. This position allowed me to make a positive impact on St. Louis’s Northside community.

After leaving Red Brick Management due to Pete Rothchild’s impending retirement, I was initially approached by “E.T.” to join GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store, which were still under construction. Although I initially accepted a position at Radius Realty, which was soon acquired, leaving me without a job again, E.T. approached me once more. This time, ZOOM Convenience Store was operational, and GreenLeaf Market was nearing completion.

Seeking advice from my mentor, the VP of a PR agency, I weighed my options. Despite the initial lack of health insurance, the proximity to home and the unique opportunity to launch a grocery store convinced me to take the plunge. Another trusted mentor, KJ, also encouraged me to seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

I immersed myself in the role, quickly establishing efficient processes and structure. One of my proudest achievements was creating the Grocery Market Kits—affordable meal kits for needy families—and collaborating with The St. Louis Science Center and HECTV on a video cooking show, which was unfortunately cut short due to COVID-19.

Taking the role of Marketing Director at GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store was indeed an extraordinary experience. Despite the challenges and eventual downturn in numbers beyond my control, I am grateful for the adventure and the impact I made. In March 2020, amidst economic uncertainty, a recruiter connected me with my next role at Spirtas Wrecking Company. By the end of 2020, GreenLeaf was under new management.

Accomplishments while Marketing Director at GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store

  • Website Launch and Management: Spearheaded the launch and ongoing management of a new website that featured e-commerce capabilities for online grocery shopping, including curbside pickup, digital coupons, and integration with the consumer rewards program.

  • Customer Loyalty Program: Successfully launched and maintained a customer loyalty rewards program at both GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store, driving repeat business and customer engagement.

  • Email Marketing Integration: Integrated email marketing efforts with the loyalty program, sending weekly segmented email blasts tailored to different demographics and customer groups, thereby enhancing targeted communication and engagement.

  • New Product and Service Implementation: Managed the introduction of new products and services, including catering, and invented the Grocery Market Kit meal kits, providing affordable meal solutions for needy families.

  • Sales and Marketing Analytics: Collaborated with store management to measure the success of marketing initiatives, monitor in-store sales, strategize on selling expiring products, and analyze the effectiveness of coupons, leading to improved sales across all departments.

  • Community Partnerships and Outreach: Strategized, coordinated, and executed profitable partnerships and community outreach initiatives, including food donations to the St. Louis Area Food Bank, educational programs with the St. Louis Science Center, school presentations with St. Louis Public Schools, and other community engagements.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Developed, refined, and executed a marketing strategy aligned with the business plan, ensuring cohesive and effective marketing efforts.

  • Digital Advertising Campaigns: Planned and executed all digital advertising campaigns, including Google ads, Facebook ads, and Instagram ads, to enhance brand visibility and drive traffic.

  • Content Creation and Social Media Management: Created and managed all digital content, including social media posts, blogs, graphics, videos, Facebook Live broadcasts, and more, to engage customers and promote the brand.

  • Print Material Design: Designed all promotional print materials, including flyers, coupons, in-store signs, stickers, brochures, sales ads, and billboards, to support marketing campaigns and in-store promotions.

  • Public Relations and Media Liaison: Served as the primary public relations contact, representing GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM at events and to news outlets. Created and submitted press releases, managed press inquiries, and spoke at public events.

  • Security Issue Resolution: Identified a security issue with meat and deli products that synchronized with the online grocery shopping and point of sale systems. Implemented a resolution that prevented further theft, safeguarding company assets.

  • Monthly Themed Events: Implemented monthly, seasonally themed “Celebration of Local Flavors” tasting and networking events, inviting local artists to display their work for customer voting. These events awarded $3,000 to local artists over six months, fostering community engagement and support for local talent.

Below is what I consider some of my best work at GreenLeaf Market and ZOOM Convenience Store. There is so much more that I have not organized for this portfolio. However, if you go to the GreenLeaf Market Facebook Page,, ZOOMSTL on Facebook and, you can see my full body of work in everything that was posted between February 2019 and April 2020.